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Russia is Guest Nation of the Prestigious Conference on Regenerative Medicine

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From 27th till 31st May, Rhodes will host a conference on tissue engineering TERMIS-2019, to which Russia is invited as “guest country” (Guest Nation). Russian scientists will present more than 20 oral presentations; will hold two sessions as chairpersons one of which will be devoted to the development of regenerative medicine in Russia.

TERMIS conference, held by the World society of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, is one of the most significant international events in the sphere. It becomes a meeting place for scientists, practitioners and representatives of commercial companies interested in the development of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The conferences are held in the format of world congresses and separately in each of the three regions: Europe, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific region. The concept of “guest country” appeared at the regional TERMIS conferences in 2017 in order to improve exchange experience and ideas among scientists from different continents.

The topic of the following European conference will be “Tissue engineering: From idea to clinical practice and commercialization”. Its guests will be able to participate in sessions devoted to technologies in regenerative medicine, cutting-edge achievements, legal regulation and clinical research, commercialization of elaborations and career development, medical education and popularization of knowledge. Besides the conference, trainings and informal discussions will be held. There the participants will be able to discuss the progress of tissue engineering and the challenges facing the researchers.

As “guest country” of the conference TERMIS-2019, Russia takes an active part in creation of the programme: more than 20 presentations will be presented by Russian researchers. Two sessions (“Regenerative medicine in Russia” and “Smart materials”) chaired the scientists of I.M. Sechenov First MSMU will be held. The Director of the Institute of regenerative medicine of Sechenov University Petr Timashev will also represent Russia at the opening of the conference.

“The Institute of regenerative medicine (IRM) was established at Sechenov University in 2016. During the period of less than three years of research a powerful leap forward was made. Currently it is only the Russian Academy of Sciences who surpasses us in the number of publications in the field of regenerative medicine. Furthermore, it is the first time in Russia when we performed tissue-engineered urethroplasty using cellular spheroids. It is only this year when two articles have already been published in Nature magazine, co-authors of which were IRM scientists. Russia’s participation as Guest Nation in TERMIS is a direct result of the Institute’s successful work on the way to clinical translation of research results. As an outcome, Russia is entering the world level of research in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, first of all due to such state programs as “5-100″ project,” commented Denis Butnaru, Director of Technology Park for Biomedicine of Sechenov University.

TERMIS conferences have been held since 2006. They are designed to promote education, research, innovation and their implementation in clinical practice. Annually hundreds of leading experts from all over the world arrive at TERMIS conference. Separate sessions are held for students and young scientists, researchers who plan to create business in the field of regenerative medicine, and specialists engaged in clinical research and commercialization of scientific achievements.

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