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Department of Endocrinology №1

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The base of the department is a clinic of endocrinology, consisting of two endocrinological therapeutic departments and having 70 hospital beds.

Under the leadership of V.V. Fadeev Department does not stand still and is constantly evolving. The department has implemented and uses a quality management system. All professors and teaching staff of the department are certified teachers of higher education.

Improvement of clinical work is also manifested in the creation of new medical-diagnostic and educational units, which make it possible to significantly expand the scope and improve the quality of medical care provided. So, the clinic successfully operates the functional diagnostics department, in which patients with thyroid and peripheral vascular pathologies in diabetes are examined, as well as an office for treating patients with diabetic foot syndrome. Moreover, in many nosologies, high-tech types of medical care are provided in the clinic.
Among all the diseases that are involved in the staff of the clinic and the department, a special place is occupied by diabetes. This disease, despite the great progress in the study of its origin and success in treatment, still represents a huge medical and social problem. The introduction of the “School for diabetics” into clinical practice has significantly improved the quality of diabetes care and reduced the percentage of late (vascular and organ) complications of diabetes mellitus. Currently, the school also has a “School for patients with obesity”, which is actively involved in the training and treatment of patients with overweight.

For many years, the clinic of endocrinology has been actively developing the problem of hypothalamic-pituitary disorders, which include diseases such as hyperprolactinemic hypogonadism, Itsenko-Cushing disease, acromegaly, hypothalamic-pituitary insufficiency, diabetes insipidus. Methods of early diagnosis of hormone-active pituitary tumors have been established, diagnostic search algorithms have been created, as well as the selection of optimal treatment methods. On the basis of the clinic, the Moscow Registry of Patients with Acromegalia has been created and is actively maintained, allowing to accumulate patient data, provide high-tech assistance in a timely manner and dynamically monitor their condition. The clinic successfully treats patients with diseases of the adrenal glands, disorders of physical and sexual development, and pathology of phosphorus-calcium metabolism (hyper-hypoparathyroidism). In recent years, the priority is to study the clinical and economic aspects of endocrine pathology in the conditions of modern health care.

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