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Department of Pathological Anatomy named after Academician A.I. Strukova

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The Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Medical Faculty named after Academician A. I. Strukov is one of the oldest in the First Moscow State Medical University. IM Sechenov. The head of the department is Yevgenia Kogan, MD, professor, full member of the International Academy of Pathology. In 1849, at the initiative of the therapist, Professor I. V. Varvinsky, the first in Russia Department of Pathological Anatomy was opened at the Medical Faculty of Moscow University. The head of this department was his pupil A. I. Polunin, who initiated the formation of not only the Moscow school of pathologists, but also the clinical-anatomical direction in pathological anatomy. Over the 169-year-long existence of the department, the tradition is firmly kept – the cathedral rod is transferred from the hands of the teacher to the hands of the student. All heads of the department of pathological anatomy, being representatives of one school, since 1849 successively succeeded each other in this post. They were: A. I. Polunin, I. F. Klein, M. N. Nikoforov, V. I. Kedrovsky, A. I. Abrikosov, A. I. Strukov, V. V. Serov, M. A. Paltsev , V.S.Paukov, Е.A. Kogan. Academician Anatoly Ivanovich Strukov, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Lenin Prize Winner, full member of a number of foreign academies, an outstanding scientist, doctor and teacher, whose name is the Department of Pathological Anatomy is currently. With the direct participation of A. I. Strukova, the histochemical, immunomorphological, electron microscopic, and luminescent laboratories were created at the department, and the photo lab was expanded. A.I. Strukov left many students, among them V.V. Serov, V.S.Paukov, E.A. Kogan.

Prof. E.A. Kogan is currently the head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy. Traditionally, much attention is paid to teaching. The faculty was the first in the country to start using computers not only to control students’ knowledge, but also to study macro- and micro-preparations in practical classes with students. Currently, the department has 10 classrooms, fully equipped with computers and multimedia equipment. This allows the teacher and the student to study and discuss the morphology of pathological processes and diseases together, and also expands the opportunities of students in preparing for practical classes, tests and examinations. In recent years, the work of the electron microscopy sector, the immunohistochemical laboratory, has been brought to a new level. The scientific theme of the department is the study of the morphogenesis and pathogenesis of the main human diseases. The features of various forms of connective tissue dysplasia, lung diseases, various aspects of diseases of the urogenital system, issues of chronic inflammation and repair mechanisms are studied at the photooptical, electron microscopic, molecular-genetic level. Work continues on the study of alcoholic illness. Currently, among the faculty of the Department of Pathological Anatomy, there are 10 doctors and 9 candidates of medical sciences. As part of postgraduate vocational education in the specialty “Pathological Anatomy,” the department annually accepts students in the doctoral program, full-time and part-time postgraduate, clinical residency and internship programs.

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