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Mission & Brand Strategy

2000 highly qualified faculty members

17000 undergraduate students

85% teachers with high academic degrees

3500 foreign students

15 institutions

100+ education programs

Sechenov University’s mission lies in thoroughly and continually improving the lives of individuals through achieving differentiated excellence in the fields of multidisciplinary translational biomedical research and cutting-edge research-based education with a focus on innovation, development, and implementation.

The University strategy is to specialize and concentrate resources on the breakthrough research in personalized life-long health management aimed at increase of human life duration and quality.

The strategic goal of Sechenov University consists in joining the international research and educational community, to become an international reference #1 in Life Sciences in Russia.

Sechenov University develops «the medicine of the future» on the solid academic basis of clinical medicine broadening the horizons with proactive multidisciplinary studies in the network cooperation with world leaders in engineering, technology and natural sciences.

Sechenov University trains professionals able to work effectively in the changing environment, to be leaders and to respond to challenges of time.

Sechenov University concentrates global talent, knowledge and technologies in Life Sciences.

The target model drives its sustainable transformation to a world-class University, with balanced focus on multidisciplinary education, research and partnership with industry.

We’re integrating physical and digital infrastructure into the next generation agile digital environment.

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