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01.08.2019 Sechenov University Ranked No. 1 Medical School in Russia

01.09.2019 Congratulations on the Beginning of a new Academic Year!

01.10.2019 Scientists Listed Ways of Applying Genetic Engineering to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

02.08.2019 The World’s First Congenital Heart Defect Device for Children to be Launched in Russia

03.03.2020 Sechenov University Joins Udine-C Network

03.12.2019 Sechenov University Launches New Partnership with Italian Government

04.09.2019 Sechenov University has Significantly Improved its Positions in Ranking Web of Universities

05.02.2020 Sechenov University Establishes Strategic Partnership with Japan

05.04.2019 Scientists Demonstrated How an Individual Approach Helps to Treat Cancer

06.03.2020 The UK-Russia Health Diplomacy Forum 2020

07.05.2020 Russian and Chinese healthcare Leaders Discuss Coronavirus Pandemic

07.10.2019 Sechenov University to Celebrate 70 Years of Russia-China Diplomatic Relations

08.04.2020 Sechenov Clinical Centre to Provide 2000 Beds for COVID-19 Patients

08.08.2019 Sechenov University at the IFAA 2019 Congress in London

08.11.2019 Sechenov University wins Student Brain Ring Contest

10.12.2019 New Workshops Launched in Collaboration with Skolkovo

11.03.2020 Liquid Biopsy Chip to Detect Prostate Cancer

11.11.2019 World Federation for Medical Education Approves Sechenov’s Educational Programmes

12.12.2019 Sechenov Presents New Strategy for Medical Research

13.02.2020 EAU Award Marks High Quality Urology Research at Sechenov

14.05.2019 Scientists Reminded Immune Cells on what side they Should be

15.08.2019 Sechenov University to Host the UK-Russia Summer School of Innovative Surgery

16.01.2020 Sechenov Introduces Robotic Traumatologist in Endoprosthetic Surgery

16.03.2020 Sechenov University Switches to Remote Classes due to COVID-19

16.10.2019 Sechenov Unity Day 2019

17.03.2020 How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

17.04.2020 Sechenov University to Launch COVID-19 Virtual Assistant

17.05.2019 XXVIII International Student Surgical Olympiad named after Academician M.I. Perelman

17.09.2019 Autumn School: Professional Communication in English

19.03.2020 Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

20.02.2020 Scientists Examined Bacterial Cannibalism

21.03.2019 World Trends from Sechenov University Urologists

22.04.2019 Prostate Cancer Management: Change is Coming

22.05.2019 Russia is Guest Nation of the Prestigious Conference on Regenerative Medicine

23.01.2020 Fluorescence Spectroscopy Helps to Evaluate Meat Quality

23.10.2019 Sechenov Scientists Reveal New Technologies for Data Analysis in Medicine

23.10.2019 The 5-100 Project Council to Visit Sechenov University

24.04. 2020 Taiwan-Russia COVID-19 Webinar

24.04.2020 The Doctor as a Humanist Virtual Symposium

24.10.2019 New Method can Detect Cancer in a Drop of Blood

25.03.2020 New Way to Trace Nanoparticles in Skin

25.06.2019 Transformer Cells: Shaping Cellular ‘Behaviour’

25.07.2019 Printing the Future

25.10.2019 Sechenov University Presents Unique and Innovative Solutions to International Experts

26.07.2019 Sechenov University Doctors Perform Complex Abdominal Aorta Transplantation

26.11.2019 3rd International Medical Investment Forum Opens in Moscow

27.03.2019 Sechenov University Took Part in the “Future Healthcare” International Exhibition & Conference in London

27.09.2019 Director of the Sechenov Institute of Molecular Medicine Receives Publons Peer Review Award

28.01.2020 Sechenov University to Host a Major Urology Conference

28.10.2019 Russian Urologists to Create an “ideal” Protocol for Managing Early Stages of Prostate Cancer

29.10.2019 Sechenov University Maintained its Position in the 5-100 Project

30.12.2019 Season’s Greetings from Sechenov University

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