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World Federation for Medical Education approves Sechenov’s educational programmes

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Sechenov University became the first Russian university to get its educational programmes formally approved for compliance with the World Federation for Medical Education, an acclaimed accreditation agency.
ASIIN (Germany) and the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) are officially authorised by WFME to perform an accreditation procedure based on the professional expert opinion of scientists, academics, businessmen and industrial stakeholders.
ASIIN evaluates the quality of university-based education and checks it against global standards and criteria. Passing the accreditation process successfully means that a university offers transparent educational programmes, thus adding to their competitiveness on the global market.
The ASIIN accreditation given to Sechenov University in 2019 confirms that its programme complies not only with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), but also with the Standards of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), namely in the field of basic (undergraduate) medical education.
Sechenov University’s General Medicine programme is the first in Russia to undergo such high-level quality control and get European accreditation.
The international expert accreditation will enable Sechenov University to boost its student and faculty exchange, create joint educational programmes with foreign partners, improve its academic prestige in Russia and worldwide, and attract potential applicants and employers from Russia and abroad. Besides, graduates that complete accredited programmes will gain an opportunity to get their professional qualification recognised and take part in large seminal international projects.
“Securing this prestigious European accreditation is a new step that brings Sechenov University closer towards enhancing its global academic competitiveness. Its high accreditation performance was made possible by a regular integration of the best top-notch international practices, high level of faculty qualification, extended infrastructure with training, practical and auxiliary facilities up to or even sometimes above European and international standards as well as promotion of the English-speaking environment within the University”, said Pyotr Glybochko, Rector of Sechenov University and member of the Russian Academy of Science.
Back in 2017 Sechenov University joined the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE). In 2018 it took part in AMSE–ASIIN joint pilot project, which enrolled just selected AMSE members.
In April 2019, after ASIIN approved Sechenov University’s self-evaluation report, it sent a group of accreditation experts for an on-campus evaluation of its educational programme.

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