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Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

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The Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation of the Medical Faculty – the first department in the USSR, was opened on September 1, 1968 at the first Moscow Medical Institute. THEM. Sechenov on the basis of the order of the Minister of Health of the USSR Academician B. V. Petrovsky of December 20, 1966.

The department was opened on the basis of the 67th Moscow City Clinical Hospital, where one of the bases of the department is currently located. Professor Olga Danilovna Kolyutskaya was elected the first head of the department, being one of the country’s leading specialists and the permanent chairman of the scientific society of anesthesiologists and resuscitators of the Russian Federation for 22 years. She headed the department since 1968. on 1987 The priority scientific directions of the department during this period were: development of neuroleptanalgesia methods, methods of intravenous anesthesia, intensive therapy of comatose states, methods of general and craniocerebral hypothermia, features of anesthesia in acute massive blood loss.

Since 1987 till 1999 The department was headed by Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member. RANS, Professor Olga Anatolyevna Dolina, who made a significant contribution to the development and formation of anesthesiology and resuscitation in our country. In 1998, the department team under the guidance of O. Dolina published a textbook “Anesthesiology and Resuscitation” for senior students.

Since 1999 in 2009, the head of the department was the laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation, MD, Professor Nikolai Markovich Fedorovskiy, a graduate of the department and one of its first employees. The priority areas of scientific research at this time were the development of active detoxification methods (plasma exchange, ultra hemodyfiltration, indirect electrochemical blood oxidation, etc.) in the intensive care complex of patients with endotoxicosis of various origins (peritonitis, pancreatonecrosis, diabetic coma, etc.). The study of the combined use of non-opioid drugs, the possibility of optimizing hemodynamics and gas exchange in patients with craniocerebral and combined trauma continued, and optimal methods of postoperative analgesia were developed. The staff of the department prepared the second edition of the textbook “Anesthesiology and Resuscitation”, “Guide to practical exercises in anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive therapy”, a monograph by N.M. Fedorovsky “Indirect electrochemical detoxification”. For the clinical development of the direction – “electrochemical methods of detoxification in medicine” – Professor Fedorovsky N.M. in 1996 Awarded the title of laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation Award (as part of the research group of the Research Institute of Chemical Industry).

Since 2009, the department is headed by a professor, MD. Alexey Mikhailovich Ovechkin. Research conducted at the department is currently devoted to:

the development of modern methods of postoperative analgesia without the use of opioid analgesics (in particular, using drugs that affect the NMDA-receptor complex),
predicting the timing and quality of postoperative rehabilitation of patients in thoracic oncology,
search for optimal options for balanced neuroaxial anesthesia in order to minimize the effect on hemodynamics in elderly and old patients,
the development of optimal antibiotic therapy regimens for nosocomial infections in patients with severe traumatic brain injury and associated trauma
comparative evaluation of regional methods of perioperative analgesia in patients with diabetes mellitus.

The staff of the department successfully continues the traditions of the school of anaesthesiologists and resuscitation specialists formed in the senior medical school of Russia, developing them at the modern level, using new technologies and the latest achievements of our specialty.

Education of students of the 5th and 6th courses is carried out according to the work program, built on the basis of the “qualification characteristics of the graduate” – the State educational standard of higher professional education. The priority of studying the discipline is mainly given to the study and acquisition of practical skills of resuscitation and methods of intensive therapy of critical conditions.

The training of anesthesiology and resuscitation specialists is carried out by the department as part of postgraduate education – two-year full-time clinical residency and three-year postgraduate studies in paid and budgetary forms of education.

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