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Department of Children’s Diseases

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Department of Children’s Diseases of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M.  Sechenov, is one of the oldest departments of pediatrics in Russia. The period of formation of the department began in 1861 with the release of an independent course of childhood diseases from obstetrics. The establishment of this department contributed to the development of pediatrics in our country, as part of medical science and an independent clinical discipline.

During all the years of its work, the Department of Children’s Diseases remains the leading methodical center for teaching pediatrics at the medical faculties of medical universities in Russia, which allows to ensure a high level of pediatric knowledge among doctors of various specialties and training pediatricians through clinical residency.

Currently, the Department of Pediatric Diseases provides teaching of pediatrics at the faculties: medical (including students of the English-speaking department), medical and preventive, higher nursing education, dentistry.

Since 2007 the Quality Management System (QMS) has been introduced at the Department of Children’s Diseases. QMS is maintained in working condition. All employees are informed about the main provisions of the ISO standard (ISO – International Organization for Standardization).

Teaching pediatrics is carried out for 2 semesters in the form of a lecture course, workshops, seminars and electives using modern technical forms of education – video films, interactive computer programs. Since 1923, the student scientific circle has been working at the department.

Training is conducted in the framework of training specialists in the First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov on a paid and budgetary basis.

The main directions of scientific activity of the department are pulmonology, allergology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, as well as general issues of pediatrics – physical development of children, feeding, vaccination, rehabilitation and others. Conducting research in modern priority areas allows to improve the level of practical medical care for children.

Over the past 25 years, the department has trained 27 doctors and more than 120 candidates of science. Candidates and doctors of medical sciences, prepared at the department, are known to the medical community of our country, defending the honor of Russian science abroad. The department works closely with many medical universities and research centers in Russia and abroad.

The staffing of the department includes the rates of the head of the department, 7 professors, 10 associate professors and 13.75 assistants, as well as an auxiliary teaching staff (senior laboratory technicians and technicians) – 8.5 rates. The following people work at the department: the head of the department is a doctor of medical sciences, professor N.A. Geppe, 6 professors (all doctors of medical sciences), 11 associate professors (all candidates of medical sciences), 16 assistants (15 candidates of medical sciences) and 7 employees of educational support staff.

The clinical base of the department is the Clinic of Children’s Diseases of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov.

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